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Tweetdeck Issues

Posted on: September 27, 2011

I am trying to wrap my head around Twitter.  I understand the importance of it and since starting this class, I have used it to search for specific topics, discussions, and searches with awesome results!  However, I am finding it hard to keep track of all of the posts.  I’m so used to Facebook, where I can scroll through my Newsfeed to see who has posted what.  Maybe I just need more practise, but I find that seeing who has retweeted what and who was mentioned in what is too convoluted for me!  I just want to see what people I’m following are posting without seeing all of the reposts, mentions, and whatnot.  Am I not understanding what Twitter is for?  Maybe I’ll look back at this post and shake my head at my naivety, but at the moment, all of the mentions and reposts feellike more of an annoyance than anything.

To help me with Twitter, I downloaded Tweetdeck.  This definitely has helped to sort everything out a bit.  However, I have a question that I can’t seem to solve.  I’ve watched some tutorials on YouTube, but they seem to be using a different version of Tweetdeck.  So if anyone can enlighten me with some answers to these questions, I would be forever grateful!

How do I search for someone on Tweetdeck, or is this what the regular Twitter is for?  Say, for example, I subscribed to a friend and wanted to see everything he/she has posted over the past few days.  Is there a way to just search for the person, then see everything he/she posted?  I figured out how to search for a topic.  I went to the + to add a column, searched for #ECI831, and made a column for our class.  However, I just want to see what certain people whom I am following have posted, without adding a column.  I can click on the person’s name and see his/her info, but say I want to quickly find that person without scrolling through my “All Friend” column.  Is this possible?

I feel like I should look back at it at the end of this class because I’ll probably think, “Wow, you’ve come a long way!”

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If you just search for a person using their username in TweetDeck, you can create a new column with everything that they have tweeted, retweeted and every mention of their username.
Your best bet might be to create lists for each person. In TweetDeck, there is [+] that appears beside the username. If you click on it you can add the user to a new or existing list. You can now add a column with your newly created list. I’ve organized TweetDeck by placing each of my contacts are onto a list (News, Science, Friends/Family, Education, etc.). I find it less overwhelming this way.
I’ve have come across a lot of new contacts,news stories and blogs from retweets/repost. You never know what or who you might be missing out on!

I too am struggling with how Tweetdeck works…I have some columns setup but, I am confused if Tweetdeck just creates more width then depth???

Thanks so much for the info, Janice! I am going to try your suggestions tonight! I like the idea of arranging the contacts into different lists like you’ve suggested. I think that that will help a lot.

Now, does anyone know why I have an advertisement at the end of my blog post?

Hi Chelsi
Twitter’s a bit overwhelming at first; a bit like a waterfall.
Just follow a few people at first; their retweets will add more volume. Creating lists of people whilst not following helps follow a wider audience without lots of post swamping you
Persevere with Tweetdeck – it will help manage the information stream.
Other tools can help you capture the stream information: Evernote and Delicious are two good tools
Good luck!

Thanks a lot! I like it SO much better than the basic Twitter now that I’m getting used to it. I love getting the alerts to the messages, as I feel that I’m not understanding what it’s all about. I’m really enjoying Delicious too. I’ll check out Evernote. Thanks!

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