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Posted on: October 10, 2011

Yesterday, my mom sent me an email asking, “Have you seen this site?  I think you would love it,” with a link to Pinterest.  Perhaps I am out of the loop for not having seen this before, or maybe it is slightly up and coming.  All I can say is ten minutes spent on this site, and I’m officially addicted (and I REALLY need more things to be addicted to online! :P).  Pinterest is a visual way to display websites and pictures that you find on the web.  Perhaps they are favourite recipes, future vacation ideas, styles that you love, diy ideas, or home projects.  You simply install the “Pin It” button onto your toolbar, drag an image of your inspiration to the button, and the program automatically sources the link and credits the creator.  The site is built around sharing things we love, and that how “EC&I831” is that?!

pinteresting by
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License  by  ‘smil 

Over the past week, I thought a lot about Shelley Terrell‘s Personal Learning Networks talk and how wonderful it was to hear her presentation, all the way from Bangkok!  Incidentally, when I was looking for a tutorial to teach my staff how to use create a bundle of RSS feeds, the first one on my YouTube search was created by Shelley!  She really is a woman of many talents!  Part of Shelley’s presentation about the power of personal learning networks and the importance of sharing resources and information.  She reminded us that the internet was created as a free tool for people around the world to use.  We should be sharing what we have, learning through each other, and creating PLN.  Shelley told us about the days as a beginning teacher when she did NOT have the internet yet.  I think quite often about what I would do as a teacher without the internet, and it is not something that I like to think about for very long!  I am aware of what it would be like, as my Mom taught for 33 years and I saw the amount of handwritten, library-reaserched,  hand-created work that she had done.  Shelley reminded us that before Google, if you needed to research something that you were going to teach or learn about a student’s medical condition, you had to go to the library, HOPE that the book wasn’t checked out, and research the topic from only a limited number of resources.  This Thanksgiving weekend, one thing that I am thankful for is the internet!

During Shelley’s presentation, some of us engaged in a chat in the chat window regarding how little some teachers are willing to share.  It is a sad fact that many teachers still do not like to exchange the work that they have created or the lesson plan ideas.  We discussed how some seem to feel that if they created something, they want the credit for it.  I’m hoping that in this day and age with the amount of PLNs, Twitter, and ed chat sites, this way of thinking will soon be part of the past.

Last night, after a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, my husband, brother, his girlfriend, our cousins, and my dad were all discussing our mobile devices.  We all started talking about the apps that we use daily, and ones that we recommended.  What ensued was a sort of family PLN!  We were all checking out each other’s phones and making notes about which apps to download.  I marvelled in this different age that we live in, and I am very thankful to be included in it!   To end this post, I am wondering if you would like to share your favourite apps with me?  Here are a few of mine (and keep in mind that I do not have many, a fact that my brother found disgraceful and provided me with numerous apps to download today!).  Most of these are “just for fun” apps, and all are for the iPhone (sorry Blackberry users. If you have any to add, please do!):

8mm Vintage Camera – My wedding photographer introduced me to this app when she used it to video part of my wedding using her iPhone.  She edited it together to create our video, and it looks like it was shot 50 years ago.
Hipstamatic – Allows you to change the flash and lens of your camera to give your pictures a vintage feel.  There are many different combinations to try, so it’s fun to play with.
Point Inside – I’m an avid shopper, to put it lightly.  This GPS style apps shows you where the nearest malls are.  I used it a lot when on vacation!
Sound Hound – This is one of my favourites.  When you hear a song and you don’t know who it is by, the app will tell you, as well as provide the lyrics for you.  Gone are the days when I would try to memorize a line of the song, go home, Google it, and THEN find my answer!

Fun apps that my brother recommended (mainly for photo editing):

PS Express – he said it is his favourite of the photo editing apps
Colour Splash, iMajiCam Pro, and AgingBooth – fun photo apps.  AgingBooth converts a photo into what the person will look like when they are old.  It’s pretty funny!
–  Sleep Talk Recorder – This app is crazy!  It records your entire “sleep process” while your phone is plugged in and charging while you sleep.  You can listen to what you said in your sleep!

Have fun, and Happy Thanksgiving!

13 Responses to "Share and Share Alike"

First of all, I think I want an iphone now! I am still using an old Samsung flip-phone that doesn’t even have the capability to send pictures (I guess I should get with the times!). Those apps look like so much fun and I bet my Grandma would be amazed at how it could make pictures look vintage! I also had not seen Pinterest and will definitely be making use of this site!

I think the changes in technology have created a very different teaching world as compared to the pre-internet days. I also wonder if the teaching landscape in some places (ex. where I teach) has not really changed much at all. The technology is there but often we can not afford it or are not clear on how to implement it. We had a teacher that was simply happy to finally get a whiteboard last year instead of a chalkboard. lol.

I still have my old Motorola flip phone up until Christmas. When I could no longer keep it charged for more than a half-hour and the screen would blink on and off like a strobe light, I bit the bullet and upgraded lol. I have had issues with my iPhone and its inability to function properly, but all in all, I would recommend getting one. There are so many functional apps that I haven’t listed, as I just wanted to highlight some entertaining ones. I agree – it’s so crazy to think that we’re using a technological gadget to make our photos look vintage!

Haha about the whiteboard! There are a few of us who went through that same excitement at our school these past three years! I think that there are many schools where the technology is not implemented, due to teachers’ inexperience, or as you said, due to funding. Our school is fortunate enough to have a lot of access to laptop carts, data projectors, and digital cameras. I really feel for the teachers who are trying their best to use technology when it isn’t supported at their schools.

Hey Chelsi,

I really enjoyed this post and I think I will be taking advantage of some of these apps for sure. Last night, after Thanksgiving supper, I spent about 30 minutes teaching my 61 year-old father-in-law how to use his new computer. He has never owned a computer and trying to teach him how to access the Internet, his email and facebook was very interesting.

Some of my favourite apps are (other than facebook, twitter and tweet deck):
Teach Me Toddler: helps preschool children learn letters, phonics, numbers, shapes, colors and counting. For every three correct answers, the child gets a sticker. Both my kids love it. I love that I can see, in each area, where they are strong and where they need work.

Dash of color- adds a “dash of color” to photos.

HeyTell: turns your phone into a walky-talky. Just record a message and then your phone sends a message to the other phone that a voice message is waiting for them.

My husband just downloaded America’s Funniest Home Videos(AFV)

DYAC- Damn You Auto-Correct always makes me laugh and cry! My husband even bought me the book! Never disappointing.

Can’t wait to hear of others!

That’s awesome that your father-in-law is giving a new computer a try! I would imagine that it would be quite scary to embark on using technology after never having owned a computer.

Thanks for the great app recommendations! I’m going to download them! I LOOVE DYAC! I was showing my family posts from that site last night, but I didn’t realize that there is an app! Thanks!

Some great apps listed Chelsi – I am about to check out this Pinterest as it sounds like another tool that may help save time – or use time – which we all have in abundance (note the sarcasm). The amazing thing is that we all make time to learn these things all of the time and yet rarely share great apps – thanks 🙂

seems I need an invitation – can you do that?

You’re welcome! I hope that you like Pinterest! I have one invitation left, so if you want to send me your email address, I’ll send it to you. I signed up without an invite – I just had to go on a waiting list for about an hour or so.

I am on the wait list -save it for someone who can’t wait 🙂

Thanks for sharing Pinterest! I hadn’t heard of this one before. It seems very beneficial for those doing research with the automatic attribution features included. Some of my favourite web “creating” applications include,, and What I love most about them is that they can be used with any aged student for any area of the curriculum.

My class also uses iPod touches and iPads, many of our favourite apps are geared for younger audiences, however some would be great for all. My students would recommend the following apps from the iTunes App Store: StarWalk, ScreenChomp, ArtStudio, PuppetPals, Lino, iPromptPro, Popplet, and DragonDictate. For our complete list of apps we’ve used (during our involvement in a pilot project for our school board) visit this site:

Hi Kim!
I have used Voicethread and really like it. I’ll check out the other applications that you mentioned.
Thanks so much for all of the app suggestions! I bookmarked your complete list on your project site. I just spent some time reading through the wiki and wow – what an awesome project! I can only imagine how engaged the students are when using the iPods! Have you found that most of the students remember to bring the iPods each day and that they are charged?

In terms of productivity apps, I use dropbox so I can see all my files on any device. A fun one is fun camera – adds fun effects to pictures. Many of the applications you use online can also be used on your iphone – I find tripit quite useful when travelling. Bump allows you to easily get contacts from another iphone by tapping the phones together. Gas Buddy lets you find the cheap gas prices when you are running low! Another great one I just discovered for women is mysizefinder – enter your profile and measurements and it will tell you what size you take for various stores.
There’s one for sleep – sleep cycle that helps you wake up at the “right time” so you are not waking from deep sleep.
Then of course, there are many to scan QR codes, urban spoon finds you places to eat and wifi finder finds you wifi connections!

I use my apps mainly on my iPhone, so that’s a great idea to have them all in dropbox! I’m definitely going to download Gas Buddy! The others sound great too! Thanks for the recommendations!

[…] by everything that everyone was sharing.  My addiction has become full blown!)  I know, I previously blogged about my obsession with the site, but like many of the social media tools that we are […]

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