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More About Pinterest…

Posted on: November 8, 2011

Over the course of the week, I have been thinking a lot about our EC&I831 class topic of sharing.  My students created Radio Plays for Halloween and shared them with the class.  Although this was a great experience, I thought about how inspired I was after reading Dean Shareski’s wife Paula’s blog and seeing how much she is sharing with her students’ families via her blog.  The Radio Plays lent themselves perfectly to being recorded on a Voicethread, as this allowed my class to write for an audience, and then record the plays, as they were originally intended!  The students were really excited to record their plays, and the ones who finished today had their plays posted on the class blog.  I had not previously used a Voicethread with my students, so I think I am probably more proud than they are!

I really want to share a resource that I have been using extensively…Pinterest.  (Simply going to the site to copy and paste the link here caused me to stop and get distracted by everything that everyone was sharing.  My addiction has become full blown!)  I know, I previously blogged about my obsession with the site, but like many of the social media tools that we are learning about, I have discovered what an incredible teaching resource this site really is.  First off, if you are like me and read a number of different blogs, and then save pictures, recipes, and projects from the blogs for future inspiration, Pinterest is A MUST.  It allows you to graphically organize pictures that link to the website that you wish to bookmark, in the fashion of a bulletin board.  However, the best part about Pinterest is that as people “pin” new pages, they are shared with everyone who accesses Pinterest.  You can choose to follow certain people who have similar interests, follow your friends, or search through categories or boards.  Here’s where the educational connection comes in…if you search by the category of “Education,” you can find countless teaching ideas that others have pinned, commented on, and shared via Pinterest.  I have already found a plethora of new art ideas, an excellent strategy on teaching long division, and amazing (and simple) science experiments.  You can follow other teachers and view what they have saved to their boards, ask questions, and comment back and forth.  I HIGHLY suggest signing up for Pinterest, especially if you are an elementary school teacher.  I was thinking of those of you in our class who teach primary, as there are SO many excellent craft ideas on Pinterest.  Furthermore, when you find an idea that you would like to share, you simply click the “Pin” button that you easily install to your bookmark bar.  You can also upload pictures of ideas that you have created.  I am absolutely addicted to this sharing site and blame Pinterest for part of the reason why I have a cold right now – I am not getting enough sleep due to searching the site every night!  If you wish to sign up, just Tweet me or comment your address below and I’ll send you an invitation.  I only have four left, but you can also request to join and you’ll be sent an invitation by the site.  (That is the only thing that I’m not a fan of – I think that anyone who wants to join should be able to without the exclusivity that I feel being “invited” entails.)  Enjoy!

I am editing this to include a tutorial on how to use Pinterest.  Hopefully that helps!

7 Responses to "More About Pinterest…"

I signed up after your first blog but still don’t understand the site. Guess I just need more time to play!

I added a tutorial video to the blog, so hopefully that helps you out!

My husband is also addicted to this site. I have yet to try it out because everything that he thinks I would take an interest in, he forwards me the link. Thankfully he does this because I don’t believe that I have the time in the day to participate actively in something like this. From what I have seen it is very addicting.

Yes, it is very addicting, but I actually thought of you when recommending the site for primary resources! Like everything online, you can devote as much, or as little, time to it as you like. I’m sure that you could find so many ideas for your kindergartens!

Like Sarah I have it set up (after your first blog :-p)but have not had a lot of time to spend with it…I will try to revisit

Thank you for the tutorial-it helped me make sense of the tool. To clarify when you pin the picture, it then links to the site? So is it a way to bookmark visually? Just trying to see how I can use this to support some sensemaking online. Thanks for this post!

Yes, that’s right. It visually bookmarks, and everything is organized into your online bulletin boards. You can further classify the links (think of it as a hashtag) and search through classifications. So, for example, if I need a Christmas craft to do with my students, I can search in the Education section, and search by Christmas crafts. I can then look through others’ boards and see what else they have posted.

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