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Digital Storytelling Ideas for the Classroom

Posted on: November 19, 2011

It is freeeeeezing cold outside, and it is the perfect day to have devoted to working on my Summary of Learning.  I have been looking at everyone’s blogs to see how they have been using the digital storytelling tools, and I have been collecting many ideas for projects that I want to try with my students.  I was thinking to myself, “Oh, I hope I remember that so that I can try it when we are working in such and such unit!  Oh, I want to have my students try Zooburst for their OWN Christmas lists like Laura posted on her blog!  Oh neat, the kids would LOVE to try Blabberize for their creative writing projects!  I hope I remember these things when the time comes to use them!’  Then I thought, “D’uh, Chelsi, just blog them and reference them later!”  One of the reasons why I love the web so much is that it provides such great organization.  Now I won’t have to search through my files for my list of resources – I can access them all in one click!   This list is mainly for my own organization, but if you are able to use any of the ideas, all the more reason to create it!  If you have any ideas to share, feel free to add them!

(Sorry, I’m not going to link to all of them out of time constraints.  They’re all here for you to access.  Thanks Alan Levine for all of your work!)

ImageLoop or Animoto – I want to use this to create a simple slideshow for for my class blog of pictures of the students on our various field trips.

Photopeach – Use to display my own photos and upload to Facebook.  Looks pretty easy.

Slideroll – This slideshow tool is deemed “on the easy end of the slideshow creation tools” by Alan, so maybe my students could create their OWN slideshows with captions about our class trip to Agribition.

Tikatok – Helps kids to create books using photos (or could use their drawings if I took pictures of them).  The kids would love creating a story this way rather than the standard pencil and paper way.

Vovox – My husband’s band could use this to put their gig pictures on their website in a cool, different format.

Mixbook – Great to show my friends who have kids and who don’t have time to scrapbook their pictures, but still want to share them.

xtimeline – For my Titanic unit, my students could keep track of the events unfolding surrounding the Titanic’s voyage and sinking.

Pikistrips – Students could caption photos of our field trips or classroom events and make them into a comic.

Google My Maps – Why have I not seen this before???  This will enhance my Canada Social Studies unit in numerous ways!

Flickr Five Frame Stories – This was fun to do in class, and would be good to do as an entire-class creative writing project.  I could project the pictures from the data projector and we could write the story together as a class.

Blabberize – Have the kids create characters in Creative Writing class, find a picture on Compfight, and go to town on this site!

Now, off to figure out which tool to use for my Summary of Learning!


4 Responses to "Digital Storytelling Ideas for the Classroom"

I also have a huge list of ideas to explore in the future with my students and was worried I would forget about them too- great idea to blog about all the different tools you want to use and your ideas for each!!

I’ll definitely check your list of ideas out soon if you happen to blog about them!

OK girls, I am not going to reinvent the wheel. I am sure after Christmas I will tweet out “who has the great lists for digital storytelling and projects?” Please answer. Chelsi, thinking of stealing the agribition idea since we are going tomorrow.

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