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Last Class!

Posted on: December 7, 2011

One more post before the semester is over…

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our EC&I 831 class this semester.  I have learned SO much from you, Alec, and our presenters.  I take so much away from this class, and I will continue to follow you on Twitter and read your blogs if you continue to post.

I love to bake, and usually I take a treat to my last class.  Well, that won’t work this semester, so please accept the online version of some Christmas baking.  Dig in!  Merry Christmas everyone!


6 Responses to "Last Class!"

Thanks Chelsi- there is less calories this way!

Haha very true, Shauna!

Love it, do I see goof balls on that tray – if so, I’ll be stocking you 🙂

What are goof balls? I probably just know them as a different name!

Mcintosh toffee, marshmallow, condensed milk and rice krispies…. look like their name, but oh my are they good….

Those are pretty much my favourite thing on the plate lol!

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