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 Hello!  I am a grade five teacher from Regina, Saskatchewan, and this is my seventh year of teaching.  I started my first year as the sole Arts Ed. teacher for over 800 K-8 students at two schools.  That was pure insanity, as I was not even trained to teach Arts Ed., but you take what you can get in your first year.  Since then, I have taught grades 4, 4/5, 5, and 6.  This is my fifth Masters class in EC&I, and my second online class.  In my spare time, I love do all things artsy and creative.  I have a jewellery business called Three Little Birds Jewellery where I use vintage jewellery to create new pieces.  It keeps me quite busy, and I have my line selling in a few stores in the city.  I also absolutely love fashion, music, home decor, and anything vintage and retro!  I was also busy for the past year planning my wedding, and was married to my husband Paul this August.  Paul and I are both avid music followers and we love to attend concerts and music festivals together, as well as play our own music.  Paul is also in a local band called Left English, so life is pretty busy around our house!  Adding to our enjoyment is our pup, Lucy, who is a constant source of entertainment!

I will be using this blog to discuss my thoughts regarding my EC&I 831 class, articles that I read pertaining to the class, and anything related to social media and open education.  I hope that you will comment when you see fit and that we can learn from each other.  Also, feel free to follow me on Twitter @ChelsiGobeil.


2 Responses to "About Me"

Hi Chelsi, I’m a non-credit participant from the EC&I 831 course. I enjoyed reading your post on George Siemens presentation (… should we put our students through ideas only used by ‘early adopters’ or should we wait for stability?

Thanks for the comment! I usually am prone to wait for a bit of stability, although it is exciting to try new things as they are released. I think it depends on the task and the group of students.

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